TROTH     2014-10-01

New song released: ”Troth”. This is yet another free download, in the sense that you can ”name your price” according to what you feel it’s worth. Or not. Then just type zero. Bandcamp has automated the way free downloads work. Roughly speaking, a song remains downloadable for as long as the amount of donations and the number of downloads stay reasonably balanced.


The Gospels     2013-12-30

A new song, ”The Gospels”, has been released and is available on Bandcamp for streaming and free downloading. The experiment with voluntary donations continues. Any support highly appreciated.

Songs that appear in dreams rarely turn out interesting in the waking state, but I decided to follow this one through, after having performed it in a dream episode together with a small brass band. Instead of the otherworldly brass band, I’ve was joined by Fyfe Dangerfield in the physical world, and we turned the thing into a rather odd hymn with echoes of Waits, Andrew sisters… and ABBA possibly.


Bested Bones     2012-12-22

New track available on Bandcamp for streaming & purchase: ”Bested Bones”. A collaboration between Feiner and longtime friend Ulf Jansson. What started out as a piano piece by Jansson, gradually evolved into a full-scale production with Feiner’s vocals on top. Other contributors include Robbie Wilson (Autumn Chorus) & Fyfe Dangerfield (Guillemots) on backing vocals, Ulf Dernevik on guitar and renowned producer Björn Olsson… whistling.



Website     2012-12-20

New website launched.