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The Generative (Re)Touch

Thomas Feiner

The new AI-tools for producing images are astonishing. But they are not quite "there" yet in terms of  predictability, consistency or resolution. Of course, anybody can prompt an image these days, and it may be good enough, or you may get lucky. But if there is a specific brief or sketch, where artistic supervision is key, things can get trickier. So I have arrived at an iterative process I call "generative retouch". Essentially a method whereby new generative tools are used in combination with illustration, retouch and 3D. This can allow for incredibly powerful workflows – offering speed, predictability and resolution.

Below are a few examples where this method was employed. For more info and commissions please contact:

+46 707 219578


A big fan of Banksy, I wanted to see if it was possible to turn his famous NHS-homage-drawing into a more photo-real version of the image - as an homage to Banksy himself.

The Fjord House

An experiment to turn one of my quick Ipad-sketches (the last image) into an ArchViz-photo of sorts. The finished image is almost 10k pixels tall.

The Characters

An assignment to turn low resolution references into believable high-resolution characters.


An assignment to illustrate the concept of scaffolding in a meeting context. 3D mock-up done in Unreal Engine.

The Rider

A 3D mock-up was assembled in Unreal Engine as a starting point for this generative retouch experiment.