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With the speed and relative ease of social media (except Instagram which is designed by some alien intelligence) - it's easy to forget updating the actual homebase So here's a summary of some happenings of late.

Single & video

A new single by my musical alter ego Ada Moreau:

And here is a video for that track, edited by me, based on the works of my friend Ingemar Magnusson at Krajnurwerk. Old spaced out Super 8 footage and animations mixed with really old CGI from the very dawn of 3D-graphics:

Interview & single

I was asked to participate in an episode of Podsongs, in which some artists are invited to discuss any topic with a person they admire or deem interesting. And then the topic is turned into a song. As AI has been on my mind this last year I got a chance to bring in an old hero of mine, Dave McKean, one of the best comic book artists and illustrators in my opinion. He has been public in voicing his concerns regarding the machine learning revolution. A long and very un-edited discussion.

And here is the resulting track composed and produced in collaboration with Podsong's Jack Stafford and his team:

Another interview

I should have put up that black screen against the cluttered background! But here is an interview about creativity and music conducted by Tatia Kay for a class at Berkley College of Music.

That's all for now, best wishes,



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