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A new remix of "Guide for the Perplexed".

Guide for the Perplexed, originally released a year ago this week, has been pared down and reworked for piano and textures by Brian Eno collaborator Peter Chilvers. Available now from various streaming platforms. Peter Chilvers writes: “I’ve been a fan of Thomas’s work since the release of The Opiates on Samadhisound in 2008. When Guide for the Perplexed was released - coincidentally a year ago this week - it seemed obvious to me that it was a strong song that would work across many arrangements and I suggested reworking it. The original is something of a departure in style, much more upbeat than most of Thomas’s work, and my intention was to push that even further. Clearly I failed! At one point, I’d built up a big arrangement that felt like it was dragging, and decided to start from scratch. I faded out everything until I was left with a rhythm, some textures and a barely-there piano part I’d added to underpin the harmony… and then I muted the rhythm. Nothing else was needed. Suddenly a new version was singing out, with the vocals and backing vocals playing off each other and carrying much more of the weight. “ Peter Chilvers is a musician and software designer. Best known for creating the iPhone applications Bloom and Trope with Brian Eno, he has also toured with Karl Hyde (Underworld) and recorded a number of albums with Tim Bowness.


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