Guide for the Perplexed - new single out

Mostly known for his slow, sad songs and wistful baritone crooning, Swedish artist Thomas Feiner (Anywhen, Exit North) releases a new, surprisingly upbeat solo track & music video: "Guide for the Perplexed". We live in confusing times, and that's an understatement. Facts propagate by the speed of electrons and airwaves, and yet we seem none the wiser. Many of us feel even more at a loss. Looking for answers or guidelines? Feiner doesn't have them. But in the ever flowing ebb and tide of questions and hollow answers, there can still be song, dance... and hope.

Available now on Bandcamp & streaming services.

The retro-styled music video has been created and perfomed by brilliant Swedish artist couple Mats Landström and Helena Norell. Also featured on the cover art.

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