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New Single by Exit North

‘Let Their Hearts Desire’ is a new single download release from Exit North. Originally a contender for the band’s debut release 'Book Of Romance And Dust’ this track remained a work in progress. Now the band are in the process of writing new material for a second album ‘Let Their Hearts Desire’ has been released today as a special bonus track via Exit North on Bandcamp only.

released July 14, 2020

Thomas Feiner - Vocals, Trumpet, Sampled Strings

Ulf Jansson - Piano

Steve Jansen - Drums, Percussion, Additional Piano

Charles Storm - Synthesisers, Atmospheric Guitars

Jonas Hellborg - Bass Guitar

J. Lohengrin Cremonese - Feedback Guitar

Martin Salomonsson - Marimba, Xylophone, Tuned Cymbals

Max Wulfson - Violin

String arrangment Thomas Feiner

Tuned percussion arrangment Mikael Backegård

Composed and Produced by Exit North

Lyrics by Steve Jansen

Recording Engineered by Charles Storm

Progress mix by Charles Storm at Cloudchamber, Gothenburg

Artwork photo: Louise Storm

Collage: Charles Storm


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