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The Opiates Revisited now on streaming platforms

So today, after 20 years, our record finally makes its debut on streaming platforms. When it first came out, streaming was still some ten years away into the future. Then when the record was re-released about a decade later, David Sylvian's Samadhisound label had a very frosty view on this new streaming thing, so "The Opiates - Revised" was only released on physical media and Itunes. Fast forward to the present day. We may have varying opinions about the sustainability for artists on these new platforms. The algorithms are usually unkind to us smaller acts. But ultimately the vast majority will find and listen to music there. Luckily there's still a small "elite" of music lovers who continue buy physical media in more direct support of artists. Then there's the shrinking group who still rely on pirate sites to find their listening material. I'm told "The Opiates Revisited" is already available on some of those.

Utlimately there's not much of a choice to be on the "Spotifies" or not these days, and it's been on my list for the longest time to finally make the album available there. And now it is.

What you can do as streaming subscribers is to click "follow", and add the music to your libraries and playlists. And then put it on repeat of course Here goes:


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