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So this is it!

The vinyl campaign is ending Jan 12, 2022 at 7:18 PM (UTC), less than 24 hours from now. Thank you all pledgers and sponsors who have made this possible! Here's a small excerpt from the essay that will be part of the release coming your way:

The Opiates 20th anniversary Written by Douglas Alphonse Young

"THE BEGINNING The Opiates is a strange kind of creation; its origin can be traced to a sterile, culvert-like basement of the debt collecting department in the Swedish Inland Revenue Department facilities in Gothenburg. Probably the least creative environment imaginable. There, Thomas Feiner, Kalle Thorslund, Mikael Moiner (then Andersson), and Jan Sandahl came together to write and record what was going to become Anywhen’s third full-length album. The ambience was atrocious, the acoustics appalling, and the newly acquired digital studio equipment annoyingly flawed. Not the greatest start for an album which subsequently turned out to be the band’s finest moment."


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